By choosing Rationel energy-efficient windows, you can reduce your household's CO2 emissions considerably. Therefore, not only do our energy-saving windows benefit you economically, but they are also very good for the environment .

By continuously optimizing our products' functionality and technical performance, we help to reduce a building's heating needs, while also increasing the utilization of daylight and adding fresh air by natural ventilation. This all helps to reduce energy consumption and to reduce the environmental impact such as CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases.

With a consistent focus on quality, service life, environmental consideration in the materials and resources we use, and with an increasing focus on recyclability, we are working determinedly with our products' environmental exposure throughout its life cycle.


At Rationel, we constantly work on optimizing our resources and processes at all levels to ensure that we, in the production and the provision of our windows and doors, reduce the impact on the environment. Rationel FSC® therefore uses certified timber from northern European forests where reforestation is carried out and the growth rate is higher than the rate of deforestation. All our material suppliers sign a declaration in which a number of environmental and work-related minimum requirements are laid down, which we demand to be complied with.


In production, we ensure optimized utilization of our raw materials and we impregnate our timber according to the environmentally-friendly system ØKO2. We use water-based paint and we recycle waste glass, waste paint and waste aluminium. We have our own heating plant and we heat our production premises with recycled timber from our window production. Windows and doors from Rationel have a very good environmental conscience.


We develop our products so that with continuous maintenance and care, they can have a service life expectancy of in excess of 40 years. In addition, we only use natural long-term tested materials that can be disassembled, which means that everything can be recycled after use and therefore have a minimal impact on our environment.


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