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At Rationel, the glass panes used in our extensive range of bespoke windows don't just look great and offer a pleasant indoor environment, as they also improve the overall energy rating of any home they are installed in. Because of the way our composite doors and windows are constructed, they make use of natural heat in a couple of ways.

Argon Gas
Our double glazed windows have a gap between the panes containing argon gas, which is scientifically proven to insulate heat much more efficiently than air. This forms a natural barrier between you and the worst that the Irish weather can throw at you.

Interior Metal Coating
Not content with simply keeping the cold out, they also maximise the heat you already have in your home with a fine metal coating on the inside pane, which actively reflects warmth back into the room. You won't be able to see the coating however, as it is neutral in colour, so as to let in as much solar energy as possible during the day.

North or South Facing?
Depending on which way your home faces, there are gains to be had from ensuring that the lowest Uw value windows face northwards and the triple glazed windows with the highest WER face either West, East or Southwards.

If you'd like to find out exactly how much you could save on your energy bills or using Rationel alu clad windows and doors, take a look the Energy Simulator on our website. Whilst there, why not look around at the various different stylish options available at www.rationel.ie

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