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What is a Secure Window Design?

When it comes to choosing windows and doors for your home, there are a number of features you need to consider. As well as function, they need to provide insulation while also keeping intruders out. After many years of working with community developments and Housing Associations, we, at Rationel, have extensive experience in all these areas but today we're going to focus on security.

With all the products we offer, they're tested as well as being marked and cross-checked with national and European standards; this includes 'Secured by Design' regulations. In order to achieve this, all products must be examined and put through a number of physical tests. Using the most common burglary techniques, the windows and doors are put through their paces before deciding whether they can carry the Secured by Design label.

At Rationel, this has become an important feature of our service because we want our customers to feel safe. With crime being a growing issue in all areas of the country, the best way to stay protected is with the right equipment.

Windows - With all our windows, they're available with solid bolts, enhanced ironmongery, security sealant, security receiver (angled screws), and fixed hinges. With products that aren't 'Secured by Design', they can't offer the same promises.

Doors - In terms of doors, they offer all the same features as the windows along with toughened glass or laminated glass, a three-point espagnolette locking mechanism and hook bolt, and more.

After assessing the techniques burglars tend to use and finding the best ways of reducing this risk, the doors and windows from Rationel are the safest you'll find. With every weak point dealt with, they're the strongest solution and you can get in contact today with any questions or requests for information and we'll be glad to answer!


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