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Traditional Style Windows

If you live in a country house or are perhaps building a custom home in a traditional style, we, at Rationel, suggest choosing traditional looking windows to get the look just right. In terms of existing homes, these windows suit houses from the 1920s but can also go back to the late 1800s with patrician villas.

At Rational our FORMA and FORMAPLUS windows are a really great options for consumers and the favourite for energy efficiency. Regardless of whether you're building a home from scratch or refurbishing your existing home, these two options provide energy-efficient windows which means they will retain the heat in the colder months and save on your energy bills.

Energy Efficiency- Whereas before windows were chosen purely on aesthetics, we've now come to learn just how important they are for inside our homes as opposed to just how they look from the outside. With the cost of energy only increasing in Ireland recently, we need to find ways to reduce our energy bills and not many people tend to think of windows when looking at cost saving options.

However, energy efficient solutions allow more heat to be retained inside the room which reduces the need for the heating. What's more, they should also keep the cold from coming in too so it has a double benefit.

Traditional Look – At Rationel our traditional style windows available in both Timber and Alu Clad, are durable, easy to clean, easy to maintain, sustainable, long-lasting, insulating, along with many other benefits.

If you're in need of replacement windows this year, feel free to get in touch with us at Rationel as we can also help with all windows and doors, alu clad windows, composite doors, sash windows, aluminium windows, double-glazed windows, triple-glazed windows, and more!


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