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The Key Role of Good Windows and Doors During the Winter

As we head towards the colder months, we do all we can to stay warm inside and keep the cold out.Today, we invest heavily in new boilers, insulation and underfloor heating solutions and this is a great start. However, what many people don't realise is that having poor-quality windows and doors is a big factor creating drafty cold homes, quality windows and doors van play a big part in cold and damp out out of your home and making sure you keep the warmth in.

Why are Good Windows and Doors Important?
In truth, there are two reasons why good windows and doors are important during the winter. Firstly, and it's something we touched upon previously, high-quality materials will prevent cold air from seeping through. Whether your old windows and doors are damaged or the glass is just too weak, it's probably letting cold air in and, if it's letting cold air in, you can be sure it's also letting the heat out!

With good windows and doors in Ireland, you can keep the warm air inside and the cold air outside…and this leads to the second benefit. Why? Because you can save money on your energy bills. With no heat escaping, you'll feel the difference because your home will remain warmer for longer. Instead of having the heating on full constantly, you can turn it off as soon as the house warms up.

What Does 'Good' Mean?
So, you see the key role of windows and doors is more than just their basic functions but what exactly do we mean by 'good'? Well, this could be through double-glazed windows or even triple-glazed windows. At Rationel, we offer high-quality aluminium windows, composite doors, alu-clad windows, and many more solutions.

If you need windows and doors in Ireland, feel free to get in touch because having the right products installed will keep you warm while also keeping your bank balance healthy. Even if you aren't sure whether or not your windows and doors are up to scratch, it can still be important to have them checked before winter!


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