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Stylish and Versatile Window Solutions from Rationel

The only problem you will encounter when buying new windows from Rationel is which one of our fantastic range to choose for your home. Our elegant, but durable windows are available in both timber and durable aluminium/timber construction and use the very finest Nordic heartwood.

Other choices you will have to make are between modern and traditional styles, double or triple glazing for extra insulation and which type of opening mechanism best fits your home. Throw in a choice of colours and you soon realise the hardest job you’ll have is deciding which solution is ‘most’ perfect.

So let’s take a few of them...

Side Swing Windows

These innovatively designed windows open outwards, with the added ability to turn the pane up to 160 degrees in the horizontal plane. Suiting smaller window frames up to a 1000mm width, the outside of these windows can be cleaned easily from the inside.

Tilt and Turn

Open inwards, a tilt and turn window has, as the name would suggest, a tilt and a turn function. This allows easy day-to-day ventilation and simple cleaning.

Top Swing Windows

With the stunning appearance of a traditional sash window, this top-swing variant can be rotated 180 degrees on the horizontal axis for easy cleaning and would suit a multi-storey building. This wonderful product can also be used as an emergency exit.

Top Guided

A very popular choice, the side hung window is an often used product in both new-built houses and refurbishments. Simple to operate and both traditional and modern in style, the top guided window from Rationel slides outwards and downwards as it opens.

Side Hung Windows

This outward-opening window is another that can be used as an emergency exit and is hung from the side on visible internal hinges.

And Finally….

Fixed Light Windows

A fixed option that cannot be opened and is primarily used for letting in light to your property. To allow fresh air to enter the room, these slim-designed windows feature a fresh-air vent for those hot days.

As you can see, there is a lot of choice. For more information on all of these products and more,

why not visit our website at www.rationel.ie or call us today on phone 1800 292929 where one of our friendly staff can use their expert knowledge to help you find your perfect windows.


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