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Stay Protected Against the Extreme Weather with Triple Glazed Windows From Rationel

There are many reasons to invest in triple glazed windows from Rationel, not least the fact that they lend more than a touch of contemporary style to properties they are installed in. Another factor that must be considered is their energy efficiency and the AURA and AURAPLUS range of replacement windows are about as efficient as they come.

Sleek and Resilient

Not only do Rationel alu-clad windows look wonderfully minimalistic, but they offer the kind of resilience needed to stand up to the sometimes extreme Irish weather. While they are keeping out the wind and the cold, these fantastic alu-clad windows allow the optimum amount of natural daylight in thanks to their superlative optical clarity. While the weather is doing its worst outside, they keep the building's occupants in a cosy and pleasant living space.

Not only does this keep the house pleasantly warm, but it saves an absolute fortune in heating bills, which everyone will appreciate is a good thing.

Quality Manufacturing

Products from Rationel Windows and Doors Ireland are created using sustainably sourced and beautiful solid timber for a great look on the inside and are backed up by external aluminium cladding which forms an impenetrable barrier that will keep your home looking great for many years to come with no maintenance required.

The AURA and AURAPLUS ranges are available in a wide variety of colours and exceed the requirements needed to be called 'Passive House' compliant, meaning that they are highly energy efficient and durable. They are also great for the security of homes they are installed in, as they feature reinforced three point lockable fittings as standard.

If you'd like to see the quality workmanship of Rationel Windows and Doors for yourself, you can visit one of our showrooms across Ireland in Cork, Galway, Newry or Dublin or for more information, you can call us on 01 297 1005 or visit our website www.rationel.ie

Stay warm and secure with Rationel AURA & AURAPLUS, the trusted brand in windows and doors.


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