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Rationel Entrance/Panelled Doors in Dublin

When looking for windows and doors in Ireland, there are a few different considerations to keep in mind. From an outside perspective, the entrance door is often the first thing somebody notices if they've never visited your home previously. However, it acts as the portal to your home so it also needs to function well over the long term when both opening and closing.

Entrance Doors - Starting with entrance doors, these will normally be your standard frame with or without glass towards the upper half. If you're looking for entrance doors for your home, this is where the decisions start because the rails in Ireland can be transoms and mullions or they can be glazing bars depending on your needs and budget.

From here, you can then decide whether you want the door to open inwards or outwards. Either way, they'll be hinged on the side whilst also boasting a multi-point espagnolette bolt locking system.

Panelled Doors - Next up and the second choice we have for you today, paneled doors can also open either way depending on the design of your home. Paneled doors are actually hung on adjustable hinges before being fitted with the same multi-point espagnolette bolt.

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With panelled doors, you have more opportunity to experiment with vision panels and as well as patterns. Depending on where the panelled door is located, Rationel can recommend certain patterns to match the surrounding decor or theme. In total, you'll have seven glass panes to choose from as well as seven different patterns

If you need an entrance or panelled door for your home or perhaps double-glazed windows, composite doors, aluclad windows, or replacement windows, feel free to get in touch with Rationel today.


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