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Rationel Alu-clad windows, an Innovative Product Design

There are many innovative energy-saving and home security benefits to installing aluminium clad (Alu-clad) windows and doors from Rationel, which is in addition to the modern feel they afford to any home or building they are fitted to.

Our Alu-Clad flush casement timber doors and window range can be fashioned from a timber of your choosing and combine warmth and durability in equal measure.

Warmth - The natural cosiness of timber is enjoyed inside, as the internal wood construction conserves heat efficiently and stylishly, as it can be stained to perfectly match the design of the room.

Durability - As beautiful and warming as timber is, it doesn’t stand the test of time and weather so well, which is more than adequately addressed by the external aluminium cladding. These low maintenance, high durability finished doors and windows look good in any setting.


Standard windows and doors constructed from timber need to be repainted every 5 years or so to keep them protected from the elements, which is a problem that no longer exists once Alu-clad windows and doors are fitted. Their self-sustaining, low-maintenance design mean they never need painting during their life cycle.

Double or Triple Glazed

For added insulation, a standard double glazed arrangement (which by the way already affords excellent heat conservation) can be upgraded to triple glazing for exceptional retention of ambient warmth.

Security Conscious

It pays to be cautious when it comes to home security and the owner of Rationel windows and doors can sleep safely knowing that it is fitted with the very best anti-burglary features for extra peace of mind.

Quality and Experience

Rationel have been designing and constructing the very best window and door solutions since 1954, so when you invest in Rationel products, you invest in all of our knowledge and expertise of style and engineering.

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