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Quality Terrace Doors in Ireland

Within our homes, we like to make everything look good while having a purpose. However, the transition between the garden and home is one area where this becomes a little difficult. In our experience, the best solution is a high-quality terrace door since this allows for quick access regardless of whether you have a garden, balcony, or terrace on the other side.

When you choose Rationel, you can be confident in our tailor-made products. Essentially, this means we always take the needs of our customer into consideration when suggesting and creating a solution. For example, depending on the space you have available, you might have the option of single or double terrace doors. If you have the space, a double terrace door opens the home somewhat and allows for more light and this is a great feature to have in your home.

Customisation - With you as our primary concern, you'll even have a chance to select from an array of colours including white, cream, grey, blue, yellow, red, green, brown, and beige. If you go for an aluminium solution, various granite colours will also be available.

Secured by Design - At Rationel, we believe in offering doors that provide function and aesthetics. Thanks to our experience and extensive testing, all our doors are of the highest quality and this extends to their security. Marked to both national and European standard, we're certified under the 'Secured by Design' initiative which is only available if the products withstand numerous physical tests.

With our terrace doors, they have the right locking mechanisms for safety while also being the perfect gateway to your garden.

If you need any other windows and doors in Ireland, please feel free to check out our selection of double and triple glazed windows, composite doors, alu-clad and timber window options, and all the custom features that you can choose from!


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