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Quality Rationel doors from Dublin, Ireland

A home is the centerpiece to anyone's life and the gateway to that home is the front door. The choice you make on what the door is constructed from can make your home more appealing, more secure and more energy efficient. At Rationel windows and doors Ireland. Aside from the colour and style, the main considerations should be their durability, their energy efficient qualities and their ability to keep out unwanted visitors.

When you choose to buy your composite doors from us, you are buying into the uncompromising quality that every one of our products must achieve to carry our name. The same goes for our double and triple glazed windows, all of which go through rigorous tests and are designed to be highly beneficial to the energy rating of any home they are installed into.

Once you have decided that Rationel is the kind of supplier that delivers the kind of products you are looking for, you've only made the first step, as there are a number of decisions on style and function that need to made.

It could be that you want your door to retain solar energy that passes through its glass panes or for it to have amazingly secure properties so that you know that once its locked, no one is coming through it that isn't meant to. There are many useful features available from our range of replacement doors and windows.

Durable and Easy to Maintain
If everything we've mentioned already hasn't convinced you, then you have to look at the fact that our composite doors are as durable as they are aesthetically pleasing. They are built to withstand the worst that the Irish winter can throw at them and without any detrimental effect on their outward appearance. A door from us should still be looking new 15 to 20 years after it was first installed.

If you'd like a chat with one of our dedicated team about how a Rationel composite door can make a real difference to your home, why not call us on 01 297 1005 or visit one of our showrooms across Ireland.

For those with busy lives (that's most of us!) and not enough time to come and see us in person, you can find out lots of information on our website www.rationel.ie.

An investment in a Rationel door for your home is an investment in its value, its energy rating, its security and its first impression to visitors. A savvy investment indeed.


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