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Modern Building Style Windows

When it comes to your home, you're likely to have one of two styles; traditional or modern. While traditional homes tend to focus around brick, curves, traditional architecture, and classic ideas, modern building styles are more angular, creative with shaping, creative with materials, and feature significant amounts of glass. Of course, modern homes also utilise technology and features for energy efficiency which is important to remember. If your home falls into the latter category, the windows will play a huge role in adding the right character.

Over the years, Rationel has helped literally thousands of people with their windows and doors in Ireland and we start by assessing your needs. Are you refurbishing your home or are you looking to build a home from scratch? If you're starting everything from scratch, why not get in contact with us early so we can help with ideas and how to best meet your needs?

Personalisation - With every home and choosing the right modern window styles, your needs will always be the most important factor to consider. While some people will be looking to add skylights to their sloped ceilings, others will need full walls replaced by windows. For example, just recently, we worked with a modern building that faced out onto fields and the views were glorious. In order to optimise the stunning location the home had, we opened the walls right up and replaced them with large window panels.

In the winter, the high-quality material will keep the heat inside and, in the summer, the people living inside will enjoy the beautiful views over the countryside no matter where they are in the house.

For us at Rationel, matching the windows to the building style shouldn't be a decision made in seconds. Instead, it should be carefully planned and considered because it's an art. If you choose us, we can meet your style and needs whether we find it in double-glazed windows, triple-glazed windows, aluminium window, alu clad windows, sash windows, or any other design!


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