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A Wide Variety of Intelligent Glass Panes from Rationel

At Rationel windows and doors Ireland, we have a number of options that enable homeowners and business premises owners to improve their energy rating. Our alu clad windows and composite doors are created from responsibly sourced timber, durable aluminium cladding and a range of different intelligent glass options.

Our energy-efficient glass panes are specifically designed to reduce thermal loss and in turn, reduce energy bills. The double glazed windows we produce meet energy class A requirements and have argon gas contained between the panes, which is known to be a much more efficient insulator than air. There is also a thin layer of metal coating on each pane, which enables heat to be reflected back into the room, without stopping any sunlight from coming in.

Rationel replacement windows are bad news for burglars, as our glass panes are laminated and take a lot more of a concerted effort to break, which is likely to attract attention. RATIONEL SECURE glass panes are thoroughly tested to meet the very highest standards.

For a touch of privacy, RATIONEL OBSCURE triple glazed windows are the perfect option, as they restrict viewing into areas like the bathroom. The pattern is located on the inside of the pane, meaning that there are no issues when it comes to external cleaning.

Other useful features are enjoyed by our other varieties of glass, like RATIONEL SAFETY panes that always break into tiny, harmless pieces when damaged, RATIONEL FACADE which enable the creation of visually striking building facades and the RATIONEL SOUND line which blocks out noise pollution in urban areas.

There is a lot in store at RATIONEL and if you'd like to find out more, you can pop over to our website www.rationel.ie for detailed information about everything we do. Alternatively, if you'd like some advice on how to use energy efficient windows to save you or your business money, give us a call any time on 01 297 1005.


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