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Rationel – Windows for Dublin, Windows for Ireland

For over 30 years, Rationel Windows & Doors has been one of the leading window manufacturers in Ireland. With a tradition started 60 years ago in Denmark, Rationel has constantly improved techniques and methods so that we have both the product and expertise to meet today’s demanding standards for windows and doors. Design, quality, performance, energy efficiency and security are but some of the considerations when choosing your windows all of which are to the fore in the Rationel range of products.

We understand the importance of having a quality window and with our practical knowledge of what works and what doesn’t we can advise you so you will maximise the benefits of your new windows or doors. If you favour wooden windows, we’re proud to recommend our modern timber windows, high on performance, available in three translucent wood stains or many solid paint colours. Our Rationel Domus range is perfect for modern new houses, but also when replacing those old windows on houses built after 1970. Or if you prefer an aluminium finish, which has the benefit of completely minimising maintenance, we highly recommend our Rationel Aldus range, alu clad windows that will suit your preferences if you want flexibility in terms of colours on the interior and exterior. For more traditional tastes, sash windows and classic designs are most suitable. We’re pleased to put forward our Patus+ alu clad windows, designed with both appearance and energy efficiency in mind. The satin feel of these windows is created by their aluminium clad with 30% gloss finish. But we would never underestimate the beauty of classic timber windows, which we have achieved with our Patus range.    

Thanks to today’s technology, windows are energy efficient in that a quality window will significantly reduce your energy bill, by keeping heat in or out, and by soundproof your home.

Double glazed windows

Ireland’s damp wet weather is not something you can ignore even when you are indoors. But in order to feel comfortable in own home you should be able to rely on your windows.  Our Double glazed windows will provide you with great insulation and level of energy efficiency in your house. Also, double glazing is good for soundproofing your interiors and you will be able to enjoy some nice peace and quiet after a long and busy day. At Rationel, double glazed windows are our standard, but for colder climates, read on.

Triple glazed windows

With triple glazing you can rest assured that no matter how cold it gets in Ireland, our windows won’t let you down. Our Triple glazed windows will both keep the cold out and prevent heat from coming in. You won’t have to worry about huge energy bills, because these windows will not only protect you from cold, but will also protect your budget.

Whether you are building a new home, refurbishing an existing one or just simply replacing your windows and doors we will assist you through the process and make sure you make the decision that will meet both your needs and budget.

Windows and doors impact on both the external and internal look of your home. They need to be a reliable barrier against our ever changing climate whilst also protecting your home from intrusion. There is much to consider so please avail of our expertise in making your decisions easier. In Ireland, find us in Dublin and Cork.     
Rationel blog
The importance of window glazing in commercial buildings

May 6, 2015

The importance of window glazing in commercial buildings

It would be hard to find a city today no matter how small or big it is, that doesn't have at least one building made up of windows. And, as you might suspect, those windows are not regular windows.

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